The Charity Steward

Charity StewardOne of the central tenets of Freemasonry from the earliest of times – perhaps even a precursor of the modern welfare system – is charity.

Charity comes in different forms; donating money to good causes, giving up our spare time to help a person or persons in need, or simply being there to provide comfort and support to those less fortunate.

The role of the Charity Steward is to raise funds for charitable purposes; there is a collection at every Lodge meeting, and usually a raffle at the dinner held after the meeting.

Social events – although primarily intended for the enjoyment of our members and their families – are also effective ways of generating funds for charitable purposes.

Freemasons nationally are one of the largest contributors to charitable causes – second only to the National Lottery some say.

We support local charities such as Pendleside Hospice, regional charities via the East Lancashire Masonic Charity and national and international charities – particularly to support disaster relief efforts – through our individual annual contributions to the Freemasons’ Grand Charity based in London.

Examples of some of the charities and good causes we have supported locally can be found on our fundraising events and donations page.

Each Province also periodically undertakes a major campaign (known as a ‘festival’) to raise funds for one of the central Masonic Charities. The Province of East Lancashire launched a festival for the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution (RMBI) in 2009 which will culminate in a celebration banquet in 2015.