Terence is our new Master (again)

At the meeting of Brierfield Lodge on 19th March 2019, WBro Terence Michael Rebanks was installed – for the 4th time – into the Chair of King Solomon, by the WM, WBro Michael Maunders who was completing his 5th (and 2nd consecutive) year in the Chair.


Bro Terence Michael Rebanks Worshipful Master. 2019-2020

Following the Installation ceremony, Lodge members and their guests enjoyed an excellent festive board of Salmon Mayonnaise, Roast Lamb, Lemon Meringue Pie and a Cheese Board. In keeping with recent practice at Brierfield Lodge, there was no soloist to sing the Master’s Song – all present took part, aided by printed song sheets, to the musical accompaniment of our guest pianist, WBro David Hawkins of Colne Lodge. Proceedings over by 9.15 pm, we were all on our way home earlier than a regular Lodge night!

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