Maurice’s Installation completes his long journey to the Chair of King Solomon

DSC01370Brierfield Lodge celebrated the long-awaited Installation of Bro Maurice McGaffin as Worshipful Master on Tuesday 15th March 2016. Maurice was initiated in 2006 and reached the Chair of JW in 2011 before family commitments necessitated his relocation to China, and it was only very recently that he was able to return to England to be Installed as WM.

The afternoon started with the Lodge being opened promptly at 3.30 p.m. by the WM, WBro Terence Rebanks and the admittance of and salutations to WBro David Lightbown, PAGDC, the Representative of the RW ProvGM. The WM then appointed the Installing Officers, most importantly being that of WBro Michael Maunders as Installing Master.

Michael was not only Maurice’s Proposer into Brierfield Lodge but had then Initiated, Passed and Raised Maurice in all Three Degrees (as well as Advancing him in the Mark Degree we subsequently learned).

The Installation ceremony went without a hitch, and Maurice was duly Obligated, Installed and Proclaimed as WM of Brierfield Lodge, after which he appointed and invested his officers for the ensuing year. The Addresses to the WM and the Brethren were expertly delivered and the Lodge was closed in peace and harmony after greetings to the WM from the Officers of UGLE, the Province and Visiting Brethren.

An excellent 5-course festive board was provided by our regular caterer and, as is now the custom at Brierfield Lodge, the tables were arranged in a rectangle with all the diners facing towards the centre instead of the more usual top table with ‘legs’, thereby creating a far more convivial atmosphere.

As our regular soloist was unavailable due to illness, the DC made the ‘executive decision’ that the Master’s Song would be sung by all present and handed out lyric sheets. The result was a truly outstanding success with WBro David Hawkins belting out the tune on the piano, and all agreed that this would be the format for future Installations.

Toasts and responses completed, the final toast of the evening was given by our Hon. Tyler and all except the usual die-hards who partake of a late drink at the bar were on their way home by 9.30 pm.


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