Bro. Howarth initiated in fine style at the February Lodge meeting

The meeting of Brierfield Lodge on 16th February 2016 was unusual in that this was only the second occasion in the Lodge’s 58-year history that a Candidate had been Initiated at the February meeting, which is traditionally confined to the business of passing the accounts and electing the WM, Treasurer, Auditors and Tyler for the ensuing year.

Still, nothing is set in stone and since the next available ‘slot’ for admitting a new member would have been the autumn (due to other pending commitments in the Lodge, of which more in a future post), the decision was made to proceed with a ceremony.

The acting WM and officers of the Lodge conducted a near faultless Initiation, witnessed by visitors from Lodges in Padiham, Colne and Burnley. Our newly Initiated Brother Howarth was made to feel very welcome, especially by his Proposer and his Seconder who explained the Lambskin Apron.

The new social board arrangement, where the tables are arranged in a rectangle with all the Brethren facing inwards, is proving highly popular and adds to the sense of inclusivity, especially on such a significant occasion as a new member joining the Lodge.

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