A memorable evening at Brierfield Lodge as Bro Kevin Sansom is Raised to the Third Degree

The meeting of Brierfield Lodge on Tuesday 19th January was a truly memorable occasion, for all the right reasons. The Brethren – including 11 visitors from 7 Lodges – having assembled in the Lodge room, the Lodge was opened by the acting WM, WBro David Biggs, at 7 pm precisely, and the essential business on the summons conducted without delay.

The Lodge was then opened in the Second Degree and Bro. Kevin Sansom was asked the usual questions before Raising which he answered with confidence. Bro Sansom then retired and the Lodge was opened in the Third Degree.

On re-entering the Lodge, Bro Kevin Sansom was raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason by the acting WM, who had also performed Kevin’s Initiation and Passing ceremonies. The Traditional History and the full explanation of the Signs was expertly delivered by WBro Albert Young of Calder Lodge.

The Lodge was closed in peace and harmony at 9 pm and just as we were retiring to the festive board the fire alarm sounded, necessitating the Brethren to evacuate the building, albeit briefly as the alarm was found to be false.

As usual, the festive board was excellent and all except the usual die-hards propping up the bar were on their way home by 10.15 pm, happy in the knowledge that Brierfield Lodge has completed the Initiation, Passing and Raising of yet another first rate candidate.

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